A primitive game I made back in 2006 using Klik ’n’ Play.

Originally for a high school multimedia project (rather creatively, “create a game using Klik ’n’ Play”), The Simpsons Platformer used sprites ripped from Konami’s arcade classic, The Simpsons (1991).

This was probably the first game I completed, and twelve years later it’s finally on the internet for you to enjoydure!

This version was prepared sometime in 2017, with some enhancements to modernise the game a little, and add some useful tutorial text the original was sorely missing.

The set-up you see here comprises a build of DosBox which will run in a web browser, the bare minimum required to get Klik ’n’ Play running within it, and the game itself set to auto-start.

This has a pretty ridiculous overhead; it’s 11 MB all told, with emulator script, disk image and some other assorted goodies packed together. There’s some minor to major slowdown in places (the last level is particularly gnarly in this setup) mostly to do with emulating the entire system in JavaScript, but they’ll have to stand as I don’t see many better options!

I hope you enjoy this now-preserved “classic.”


Obviously I do not own The Simpsons, nor the sprites used here. Please be kind! I just want to share this absurd thing I made when I was young and ridiculous.

Tags2D, klik-n-play, Short
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse